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Verified United Kingdom PayPal Account ( UK PayPal Account )


Verified United Kingdom PayPal Account by VCC’ed. Made with the future of your PayPal account in mind.

An identity document will be included, the future of your account will be protected in case any PayPal account limitation occurs.



Verified United Kingdom PayPal account will deliver within 3 days after payment.

The account is verified with a card and an email only

Details that will be provided:

1) Verified United Kingdom PayPal Account
2) Account name, email, phone number, address, and card information
3) Email account login details
4) IP address to log in to your United Kingdom PayPal account anywhere
5) Identity document to use in case any future account limitation occurs

Why should you buy our Verified United Kingdom PayPal Account?

  1. VCC’ed is experienced at PayPal sector and always studying and researching on how to deal with PayPal
  2. Admin dedicated years into researching PayPal account and study about PayPal account limitation so we can assure you that your account will last for a very long time and very resistant to account limitation.
  3. We made sure to link the highest possible quality card we have to verify your PayPal account, the card is usually marked as a credit card by PayPal.
  4. We provide identity documents for your PayPal account, unlike other competitors who don’t think about your account’s future. When the yearly limit is reached for your European PayPal account, you can easily lift the limit with the document provided.
  5. An IP address will be provided for you to access your British PayPal account from any country without worrying for any possible issues.
  6. Just like anything, problems and issues will come no matter the situation. We are here to stay and support you whenever an issue arises, feel free to contact us anytime if you have any issues or question and we will try to respond and help you as quickly as possible


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