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Static Dedicated IP Address


Static dedicated IP address to access your PayPal account. Use it to lower chances of facing issues sending money from your PayPal account.

Price is $10 a month. IP will deliver within 24 hours. Send us a telegram message to extend the duration of your IP address.

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Why should you use a static dedicated IP address to access your PayPal account?

  1. Consistency – PayPal always like to see the record of a user who always logs in on the same IP address
  2. Lower chances of facing error – Are you traumatized of getting the error: “Sorry, we can’t send your money right now”? Believe it or not, changing IP every time when you log in into your PayPal account is one of the top reason that contributed to such error, this issue can possibly be reduced with using our product.
  3. Access your PayPal account from anywhere – You are able to access your PayPal account anywhere now. Travel? Stealth country account? Got you covered!
  4. Multiple PayPal accounts logged on the same IP – Stealth account? You can log in multiple PayPal accounts without worrying about them linking together!

Currently, we only have static dedicated IP address for these countries:

  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

What do you get?

  • A static dedicated IP
  • A virtual server that stores cookies, running windows with a license.
  • Username and Password to log in to the virtual server

How to use it?

Search for a program called Remote Desktop Connection, it should look something like this ( If you do not find it on your Windows search bar, you can download the program on Microsoft website ) Connect to Static Dedicated IP Address - VCC'ed
Then just connect and log in with the IP address provided on the computer field. Username on the username field and password on the password field, then use it just like a normal PC.


Static Dedicated IP Address is included with United Kingdom PayPal account, France PayPal account, and United States PayPal account purchase. You do not need to purchase any of these if you just purchase one of them on the list.

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