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PayPal VBA ( Virtual Bank Account ) Instant Verification


High-quality virtual bank account to verify your US PayPal account. Your account will be verified as soon as possible by our support agent, usually within 24 hours.

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PayPal High-Quality Virtual Bank Account ( PayPal VBA ) Instant Verification, because of the nature of private high-quality bank account. We require your PayPal account access to verify the bank for you, your account will have verified PayPal tag after the high-quality VBA has been linked to your account. Please remember to include your PayPal account login details and most recently logged in IP in your order notes after purchase.

Why purchase from us?

  • This is a high-quality virtual bank account from unsaturated source, we will only link a very popular bank that is widely used in the US
  • Unlike other sells that sells bank that might red flag your account, and possibly limits your account, our HQ VBA will make your account stronger and harder to get limited.
  • Our VBA’s Quality is confirmed and tested, we are also using this VBA for our PayPal accounts to accept payments from you.

Steps, and procedures for getting verified with our Virtual Bank Account ( PayPal VBA ) Instant Verification.

  1. Submit order
  2. Include your account login details in the order comment. ( PayPal account login id, password and most recent login IP ) Try not to miss out any details to prevent any delays.
  3. Our support agent will then proceed to verify your account on your given account
  4. Your account is verified.

Yes, that’s it. That simple.

Note: Do not charge the bank account for payment, else your bank account can get removed by PayPal, our VBA are only for PayPal account verification. No refunds/ replacement will be made in cases like this.

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