PayPal VBA ( Virtual Bank Account ) Bank Deposit Verification


Low-cost PayPal VBA to verify your US PayPal account. Quality assured, widely used on our Fully Verified US PayPal account.


After purchase, you will receive your PayPal VBA on your order page or through your registered email. Contact us after you’ve linked the VBA into your PayPal account, our support agent will send the bank deposit value to you after 2-3 working days. Please link the bank account to your PayPal account within 48 hours to prevent possible issues, we reserve the rights to cancel your order without providing any replacement or refund your money if the VBA delivered is not linked within 48 hours.

Why purchase from us?

  • Low price virtual bank account from unsaturated source, that will not get unlinked by PayPal
  • Your PayPal account will get PayPal Verified status after purchasing and verifying our bank account in your PayPal account and will not get unlinked in the future
  • Our VBA’s Quality is confirmed and tested, they are used to verify our Fully Verified US PayPal account that is being used by a lot of customers of ours.

Steps, and procedures for getting verified with our PayPal VBA

  1. Submit order
  2. Link the VBA in your account
  3. Contact us to notify us of your request
  4. Our support agent will send you the bank deposit value to you after 2-3 working days.
  5. Key in the bank deposit value on your PayPal account side and your account will be verified.

Note: Do not charge the bank account for payment, else your bank account can get removed by PayPal, our VBA are only for PayPal account verification. No refunds/ replacement will be made in cases like this.

Urgent? Would like to get your US PayPal account verified quicker? Would like to get a higher quality virtual bank account to verify your PayPal account? Take a look at our High-Quality PayPal VBA Instant Verification.

Inexperienced? Worried? Take a look at our Fully Verified US PayPal account that will have everything fully set up for you.

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