PayPal account verification ranking

This is the general idea of how the PayPal account verification ranking work.

Unverified PayPal > Verified PayPal > Identity Confirmed PayPal > Documents Verified PayPal

A simple chart is shown below, from the top left is the weakest type of PayPal account to the bottom right being the strongest type of PayPal account.

PayPal Account Ranking

Of course, the amount of transaction and age comes into play as well, but it is just too much to list, so the general idea is shown.

According to my experience of dealing with PayPal:
All PayPal countries are quite similar, it is better to choose depending on where most of your customers are to safe their transaction fees.
BUSINESS / PERSONAL PAYPAL ARE THE SAME!! The account did not get stronger even when you “Upgrade” your personal account to a business account.

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**All conclusion above is derived based on my experience with experimenting, testing and exploiting PayPal for the past 5+ years.